Welcome to my website. I’m an organic biogeochemist, specialized in using organic geochemical techniques to investigate climatic and biogeochemical processes in ancient and modern environments. My interdisciplinary research is driven by my desire and curiosity to understand the natural processes and mechanisms that operate in earth’s climate system. My approach is based on the rigorous application of state-of-the-art isotopic and organic mass spectrometry to study molecular fossils (biomarkers) derived from organisms across the three Domains of life, accumulated in modern and ancient natural archives from both the marine and terrestrial realm. By using climatological and biogeochemical information recorded in the lipids of organisms and preserved in the geological record I aim to answer long-standing questions related to the processes and mechanisms that drive changes in climate and biogeochemistry. The applications are broad, but generally fall into three themes: Cryosphere-land-ocean interactions during the Plio/Pleistocene; global climate and biogeochemistry (C and N-cycles) during the OAEs of the Mesozoic; and wetland climate and biogeochemistry, bridging the modern and geological record. This website provides background information on myself and my research.


Onboard of the RV Joides Resolution. Greenland can be seen in the background