I am trained as organic geochemist, developing and applying organic geochemical proxies (biomarkers) and their isotopic composition (δ13C and δ2H) to infer changes in paleoclimate and biogeochemical cycles on different time-scales ranging from the OAEs of the Mesozoic to the present. I started my academic career at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), where I obtained a B.Sc in Earth Sciences and M.Sc. Geochemistry. My M.Sc. included a research stay at both Yale and the University of Florida. Following my M.Sc., I did my PhD and 1-year postdoc at the Alfred Wegener Institute (Germany). Currently I am a research fellow within the Organic Geochemistry Unit (OGU Website and OGU Facebook page) at the University of Bristol.

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Together with my partner Monica we are the proud parents of two beautiful daughters

Family photo


I like to do a wide range of sports such as football, rock climbing, etc. But running I do at least twice a week. I love to go running off the main road on small routes through the forest and hills. Bristol is perfect for this as the Avon gorge and Leigh Woords are very close, but this does mean getting dirty pretty often.

Traditional rock climbing in the Avon gorge
Wet and muddy after a run through Leigh Woods